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I am a Certified Sexologist, with a doctorate in Human Sexuality, a 20 year member of the San Francisco Sex Information Training Staff, and have been a surrogate partner for over 30 years. I have helped hundreds of men, women and couples overcome the most common obstacles to good sex and deep intimacy. As a surrogate partner I take a hands-on approach to addressing anxiety, body-image issues, sexual dysfunction, communication difficulties, and other common problems that hinder intimacy. I am also an expert on alternative sexual lifestyles and safer sex. I have appeared on Larry King Live and other major media and have spoken at events, conferences, and colleges across the country.




Well, It Can Be!
I Can Show You How.

The Sessions, a movie about my experience working with a physically challenged client, stars the acclaimed actors John Hawkes and Helen Hunt. The film won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival: Audience Favorite, US Dramatic Film & Jury Prize for Ensemble Acting.

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