About Cheryl

I am a Certified Clinical Sexologist, with a doctorate in Human Sexuality, a 20 year member of the San Francisco Sex Information Training Staff, and have been a surrogate partner for over 30 years. I believe that, for most of us, our Sexuality is a very important part of our lives throughout our entire life. Consensual sexual intimacy, in whatever form works for each of us, contributes to our overall health. As we age so does our Sexuality. It will change in different ways for each of us due to ageing, illness, injury, surgery, medication, and loss of a long time partner due to death or separation. Many of us have been taught by our culture etc. that older folks, (60 and older) don't / shouldn't have sex. And that's simply not true. In my work as a Surrogate Partner Therapist I help assist individuals and couples who desire to enhance their concept of their own sexuality as their bodies age and change. We all need some help making our desires and needs met through better sexual communication, relaxation and touch. If you have never been comfortable saying what you want or don't want, feel a lack of self-confidence because of body changes caused by ageing, illness, surgery, or don't know where to start looking for someone to share your sexuality with: Call me: I can help you start that conversation.

Don't give up on your sexuality - It's too important.

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